"Hello, World!"

I am Cem Civelek and currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Industrial Engineering as a senior at Northwestern University located in Illinois, US. Atop my major, I am minoring in my passions Data Science and Business Institutions.


On this web page, you can see my past work and background information along with my resumé by locating to your desired section from the menu below! 

Linear Modeling applications for Tweet analysis to examine economic growth using S&P500 Closing Prices as a measure for univariate and multivariate analysis

Data Science Minor Final Project 1   ||   Northwestern University   ||   2020 Fall

R: Main Analysis  ||   Python: Scraping Trials

Sample product page for daily FX Derivatives analysis

Oscar Gruss & Son Inc.   ||   2020 Summer

Python: Pandas, Visualization Tools, Bloomberg API

Sample product page for the price aggregation tool - front-end product view

Oscar Gruss & Son Inc.   ||   2020 Summer

Multiple Languages: HTML, PHP, JavaScript